The Other Boleyn Girl, By Philippa Gregory

This was our September book club selection. If you’d like to know more about this club you can check out my book club blog (see blogroll).

Let me start by saying I don’t read much historical fiction. I tend to lean more toward contemporary works. I think part of the reason is because most historical fiction I’ve read have been romances and I prefer suspense, thrillers, drama, mystery over romance usually.

I will say though that since reading this book I will definitely be picking up more historical fiction.

“The Other Boleyn Girl” was one of my favorite books we’ve read in our club so far.

The novel tells the story of Anne and Mary Boleyn and their relationship with Henry VIII.  As most of you know, Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII’s second wife. This book focused mostly on Mary Boleyn who actually had a romance with Henry before her sister Anne did. In this novel Mary is portrayed as the good sister who is seduced by the king and forced by her family to be with him to further their own status. Anne, on the other hand, is manipulative and power hungry and seduces the king right out from under her sister.

I’ve always found the story of Anne Boleyn intriguing. Recently I read, “In the Shadow Of Lions,” by Ginger Garrett which portrays Anne as the good sister. The fact that I’d read that book made this account even more enthralling.

Philippa Gregory writes in such a compelling way I felt absolutely transported into that time period. I felt like I was a young, innocent girl at court being dazzled by the King of England. Her descriptions and language pulled me into the story and held on tight until the very last page. I found myself addicted to the story. I couldn’t wait to read more.

I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a great escape, a rich story, and an intriguing drama with a lot of romance mixed in.

Happy Reading!


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