Three, by Ted Dekker

If you are a fan of sleeping you probably won’t want to read this book. “Three” by Ted Dekker is a psychological thriller full of fast paced action and twists and turns that constantly keep you guessing.

I’ve read many novels by Dekker so when I picked this one up two days ago I thoroughly expected to be caught in it’s web. I wasn’t dissapointed. The book grabbed me on the first page and I devoured it in just a few sittings.

The book is about a young man in seminary school named Kevin. When we first meet him he is pondering the nature of man with his professor. Immediately following that conversation he receives a call on his cell phone from a man calling himself Slater who gives him three minutes to confess his sin to the world or he will blow up his car. This takes us on a thrill ride through Kevin’s difficult past as he tries to figure out what sin Slater is demanding he confess. The novel is full of the creepy characters that are Dekker’s trademark and action that keeps you holding your breath all the way to the shocking conclusion.

If you enjoy a good thriller this is a must-read!


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