The Postmistress, by Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake’s debut novel, “The Postmistress” takes place in 1940 during World War II.  In reading just this one line you probaby think you have a good idea what the book will be about (I did). Think again. This story is fresh, unique and different than any about this time period that I’ve read previously.

For starters, the novel primarily takes place in Cape Cod not Germany. The three main characters are Iris, a postmistress, Frankie, a radio DJ and Emma, a doctor’s wife. Iris and Emma live in Cape Cod, while Frankie is in London. A tragic event brings the three women together and changes each of their lives in deep and profound ways.  

The novel flows seamlessly between the three women, weaving them into the depths of the reader’s heart. The visual images painted by the words and the emotions felt on the page transported me to another time and place. The novel dealt with a difficult topic in a real way, but also added in humor and fun to lighten the mood at just the right times.

The characters came alive to me and I looked forward to spending time with them each day. When I closed the book I knew I would miss them.

To me there is almost nothing sweeter than discovering a new author to read. I have found that with Blake. I will anxioulsy await her next novel.


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