The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield

Setterfield’s debut novel is reminiscent of the writings of Alice Hoffman, with the same haunting, magical feel.

“The Thirteenth Tale” is the story of a prolific writer named Vida Winter who has not only penned many fantastical stories but has also mytholigilized her own childhood. No one has ever learned the truth of Ms. Winter’s past. But now that she is old and dying she has decided to finally tell her story.

Her story is beautiful and tragic with a fairy-tale like feel. The story is engrossing and beautifully written. The words and descriptions are fluid and sensory. Every once in awhile, a book consumes me to the point that I feel as if I’ve crawled inside the pages and got lost in the adventure. When that happens I am always dissapointed when it’s time to emerge, scrape the ink off my body and face reality.  This was one of those books.

I encourage anyone who enjoys a fun, fantastical read to pick up this book, crawl into the pages and enjoy the adventure!


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