The Double Bind, by Chris Bohjalian

You might remember me blogging about “Secrets of Eden” a few months back which was Bohjalian’s 2010 release. He also wrote an incredible book called “Midwives.” Knowing what an accomplished author Bohjalian is I was looking forward to diving into our latest book club read. I was not dissapointed.

The novel centers around Laurel, a woman who was brutally attacked back  in college while riding her bike, and now she spends her time and energy helping the homeless. After one of the homeless men she’d been assisting dies, she is given a box of photographs said to be taken by him. Mysteries lie in the pictures and Laurel goes on a quest to find out the answers. This leads to a dark obsession that brings back haunting memories of Laurel’s own past.

The book moves a bit slow at the beginning as the foundation of the story is set, but midway through it sucks the reader in. There is something dark and terrifying beneath Bohjalian’s words that set the tone for the suspenseful tale.  The reader senses the darkness and danger even in the most benign scenes. Once I got hooked, I couldn’t put the book down and found myself glued to it. It was always by my side, within reach.

The ending was shocking and ridiculously satisfying. I found myself laying in bed late into the night replaying the story in my mind. It was so haunting I still can’t get it out of my mind.

It definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite reads.


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