Dying for a Date, by Cindy Sample

Last Thursday evening, our book club had the pleasure of dining and chatting with Cindy Sample, author of “Dying for a Date.” Cindy was lovely, gracious and funny. We enjoyed getting to know her as an author and a person. As a writer myself, I felt a kinship with her and loved to hear her insights into the crazy world of publishing.

“Dying for a Date” is about Laurel McKay, a single mom who has just re-entered the dating world. When her first two dates end up dead before dessert, she becomes a murder suspect. The novel takes a delicious turn when Detective Hunter (aka Detective Hunk) is put on the case, and has to fight his attraction to Laurel.

The novel takes place in El Dorado Hills and the surrounding area, and I absolutely loved the local references. I also loved the “soccer mom” scenes in the book as I could completely relate to them. There was one particular scene when Laurel’s son is hit in the face with the ball and she bounds out onto the field to comfort him, much to his embarrassment. I’m ashamed to admit I have actually done this, so I laughed out loud upon reading it.

Sample writes with witty, snappy dialogue and her quirky characters keep you in stitches throughout. Whether you’re  a single mom or happily married, this is a novel you will thoroughly enjoy. It’s a fun, quick read that will leave you with a smile on your face.


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