Left Neglected, by Lisa Genova

I first heard of Lisa Genova when my husband bought me “Still Alice” for my birthday last year. It was so amazing that I chose it as one of our book club reads. My book club girls all loved it as well. So when a friend of mine told me Genova’s book “Left Neglected” was out I immediately ran out to purchase it.

 It did not disappoint.

“Left Neglected” is about a busy working mom named Sarah who is involved in a car accident that leaves her brain damaged. The condition she has is called Left Neglect, which is exactly as it sounds – the left part of her brain and body are “neglected.” It’s like she doesn’t know they exist. I found the book fascinating, with scenes that were both funny and heartbreaking. Some of my favorite humorous parts were when Sarah zipped up her jeans with her left arm tucked neatly inside and didn’t know it. Also, when Sarah’s left hand kept traveling to her breast without her knowledge. There was also a lot of emotional complexity with her relationships with her mom, kids and husband.

I love how Genova writes from Sarah’s perspective so you can feel her emotions clearly and the reader learns along with her. The POV really brings the story to life.

The book was wonderul. I enjoyed every second and would highly recommend it.


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