Dying for a Dance, by Cindy Sample

Last year my book club read Sample’s first book, “Dying for a Date” and loved it! Even better is that Cindy Sample joined us for dinner and discussion and we found that she is as delightful and witty as Laurel McKay (the main character in her book). What I loved about the book was that Laurel is a three dimensional, real character that I believe all women can relate to.

In Sample’s latest book, Laurel takes readers on a journey through the crazy world of ballroom dancing. Having two left feet and a dancing style similar to Elaine from Seinfeld, I know virtually nothing about dancing. Therefore, I loved reading about it. I also just love how Laurel always ends up in the middle of a murder investigation and always ends up inadvertantly making herself look guilty. She’s just such a fun character. I also adore the attraction between she and Detective Hunter. Sample writes this so well and I was pulling for them to get together through the whole book.

The mystery sucked me in and I enjoyed trying to solve the crime. I didn’t. I was completey shocked by who the murderer ended up being. However, once I discovered it, it made total sense. Overall, the book was great. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, easy read.


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