Crossed, by Ally Condie

“Matched” was one of my favorite young adult books that I read this year, so I was really excited when I bought a copy of the sequel, “Crossed.” It did not dissapoint. While it was distinctly different than the first book, the things that made “Matched” so good were prevelant in this one.

I am a lover of words. Condie’s use of language is beautiful. There were places where I paused to re-read a sentence or paragraph that was expertly phrased. Not only was I moved along by the plot but also by the words, which conjured up beautifully imagery.

“Matched” carried an empowering message about self-discovery and finding your own way.  The same theme prevailed in “Crossed” and I loved that.

The love triangle rocks. In “Matched,” my heart was set on Xander. I felt Ky was too elusive and distant. I couldn’t connect with him the way I did Xander. “Crossed” is told in alternating voices between Ky and Cassia, allowing me to get a much better sense of Ky as a character. By the end of the book, I had more understanding and empathy for Ky. I also believed in the feelings between Ky and Cassia. However, I was dissapointed that Xander only made one appearance in the book. I’m not quite ready to cross over to Team Ky yet, but he is definitely growing on me.

I am seriously enjoying this series and I cannot wait until “Reached”  comes out!


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