Divergent, by Veronica Roth

This book is very similar to Hunger Games in regards to it being dystopian and full of action, but that’s where the similarities end. I really enjoyed Hunger Games, but I honestly like Divergent more. The plot was creative and fun. I was in awe of the world Roth created. In Divergent the people are split into five factions – each one represents what type of character that faction values. For instance, Abnegation values selflessness, Dauntless values bravery, Erudite values intelligence, Amity values happiness and Candor values truth. A person is born into a faction but at 16 that person gets to choose which faction they want to become a member of. Then they endure an initiation period to decide if they will fit into that faction or become factionless.

The novel follows Beatrice, who is born into Abnegation, as she makes her choice and endures the resulting consequences of her choice. I won’t tell you anything else because I don’t want to spoil the story.

What I will say, though, is that this story is full of twists and turns, heart-thumping action and a juicy romance. I have to say that I love Four. He is an incredible hero. I fell for him as I read and could totally understand what Tris (Beatrice) saw in him. Tris was a great heroine as well. She was strong-willed but also sympathetic. I was really drawn in by her character.

I already bought Insurgent so I can continue on with Tris’s journey. I highly recommend this series.


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