Touching Smoke, by Airicka Phoenix

touching smokeI really wanted to read this book because I’ve heard amazing things about it. So, I went into this book with pretty high expectations. Sometimes this can backfire for me. But not this time. This novel exceeded my expectations.

The book is about Fallon, a girl who is raised by her mom and has never met her dad. It is clear from the beginning that her mom is hiding something from her, and that it has something to do with the impossibly sexy guy on the motorcycle that keeps showing up everywhere.  When we learn who the sexy stranger is and what his connection to Fallon is that’s when the story really takes off.

I don’t want to give away anything else about the plot. It is full of surprises and thrills and you need to read the book to experience it.

I love Isaiah. It’s no secret that I like the “protector” guy and Isaiah was definitely that. He’s sexy, strong, protective, and passionate. I also really related to Fallon. She is a well drawn character and the emotions she felt were very authentic to her character and the story.  Another aspect I thoroughly enjoyed is the mystery behind the dreams Fallon has about Amelia.  It’s a great mystery and a fabulous twist.

Overall, I thought this was a thrilling, suspenseful, romantic read. I give it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a great young adult paranormal read.


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